Building future-proof public services in the Baltics

Building future-proof public services in the Baltics

  • 24. aprīlis, 2024. gads

Imagine a world where interacting with public services is as easy as clicking a button. In the Baltics, that vision is becoming reality! This discussion takes you on a journey towards future-proof public services that ditch the paperwork and embrace digital solutions.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with government officials and digitalization experts as they explore:
– Citizen-centric transformation. How the Baltics are prioritizing citizen needs by making services more convenient and accessible through digital solutions.
– Faster service. See how technology is speeding up the process for permits, licenses, and more.
– Real-world examples. Witness successful digitalization initiatives from across the Baltics that are making a tangible difference in citizen experiences.

This engaging discussion is your chance to learn from the Baltics’ cutting-edge approach to public service digitalization. Be part of the conversation and discover how technology can revolutionize the way citizens interact with government agencies, while navigating the challenges and shaping a brighter future for all.

  • Key Discussion Points:
    • How are the Baltics prioritizing citizen needs through innovative digital solutions?
    • What factors have driven the success of Baltic countries in digital governance, as highlighted in the OECD report?
    • How is technology streamlining processes for permits, licenses, and other public services?
    • Which successful digitalization initiatives across the Baltics are significantly impacting citizen experiences?
    • How are national and international digitalization initiatives  (e.g., Digital Wallet) shaping the future?
  • Participants:
    •  Guna Puce, Chief Digital Officer @ Ministry of Justice of Latvia;
    • Eimantas Norkūnas, IT Advisor @ Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • Audrius Ramoška, CEO & Co-founder @ Soverio,
    • Žilvinas Kazlauskas, CEO @ DocLogix.
  • Other Participants: government officials and leading digitalization experts from the Baltic countries.

Live discussion will take place at 14th May, 13:00 – 14.00 and will be broadcasted on LIKTA Facebook.

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